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State Street Global Markets is the investment research and trading arm of State Street Corporation. For more than a decade, we have pursued a distinctive research agenda through our partnership with leading academics at State Street Associates. Our relationship brings together the best of finance theory with a deep understanding of investment issues, and builds on the unique position of State Street at the crossroads of the global markets.

The research agenda

The three key components of our research agenda include:


Investor Behavior - The Investor Behavior research team has built an unparalleled suite of proprietary indicators to empower you with some of the most useful and timely information available in the industry. Our measures of investor behavior model aggregate trends in the flows, holdings and borrowings of institutional investors and track investor activity across geographies, asset classes, sectors and styles.


Portfolio and Risk Management - The Portfolio and Risk Management research team is a pioneer in developing and applying innovative optimization techniques and building tools to manage tail risk. We incorporate some of the most advanced quantitative, analytical and modeling techniques, enabling you to enhance returns, control risk exposure, optimize performance, manage liquidity and cost objectives, and monitor market turbulence.


Market Strategy - The Market Strategy research team utilizes the output from State Street Associates, including measures of investor behavior and risk management tools, and adds market knowledge and an understanding of your needs to shape the research products we deliver. We update a portfolio of foreign exchange and fixed income recommendations on a weekly basis — and equity recommendations on a monthly basis — using proprietary, quantitative and discretionary inputs in our investment process.


Research applications

Our strength is our ability to take this innovative research and apply it to the portfolios of our clients including global asset managers, hedge funds, central banks and other official institutions. And our research teams have extensive experience of markets and publish a range of research products that offer actionable investment ideas.


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