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Don D’Eramo
Senior Managing Director
Securities Lending in Canada
Q. How would you describe the current state of the Canadian sec lending sector? A. The securities lending market in Canada is strong. We have new clients entering our program for the first time. And there is definitely...

“Toward Determining Systemic Performance” Wins Award
Awarded Q Group’s Roger F. Murray first prize for 2012 Mark Kritzman, founding partner of State Street Associates and chief executive officer of Windham Capital Management, was awarded the Q Group’s Roger F. Murray firs...

Leslie Levine
Vice President
Asset Allocation vs. Securities Lending: Comparing Risk-Adjusted Returns
Crossan Barnes, David Chua, Hans-Christian Lüdemann, Leslie Levine, Glenn Horner, Jeffrey Trencher This paper looks at securities lending in the context of an investor’s overall management of his or her broad investmen...

Leslie Levine
Vice President
Securities Lending: Assessing Portfolio Risk and Return
David Chua, Hans-Christian Lüdemann, Crossan Barnes, Leslie Levine, Glenn Horner, Jeffrey Trencher Prior to the financial crisis, the risk/return dynamic within securities lending was academically well-understood, but ...

William Kinlaw
Senior Managing Director, Head of the Portfolio and Risk Management Research
Liquidity and Portfolio Choice: A Unified Approach
Will Kinlaw, Mark Kritzman, and David Turkington The authors propose a simple analytical construct for incorporating liquidity into portfolio choice. In cases where investors deploy liquidity to raise a portfolio’s expe...

David Turkington
Managing Director, Portfolio and Risk Management
Regime Shifts: Implications for Dynamic Strategies
Regime shifts present significant challenges for investors because they cause performance to depart significantly from the ranges implied by long-term averages of means and covariances. But regime shifts also present opp...

Up, Up and Here to Stay
SLT talks to Francesco Squillacioti of State Street about beneficial owner interest in Asia and the continent's regulatory roadmap What stage are the securities lending markets at in Asia? Asian markets have developed s...

Roberto Rigobon
Partner, State Street Associates
Inflation: The Challenge for Latin America Investors
Roberto Rigobon is the Society of Sloan Fellows Professor of Applied Economics at the Sloan School of Management, MIT, a research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research, a member of the Shadow Committee fo...

Jay Moore
Managing Director, State Street Global Markets
Currency Markets Today
From record global investment flows to macroeconomic imbalances, rising fiscal deficits and sovereign risk, and galloping currency volatility, today’s institutional investors and asset managers are vitally interested in ...

Jay Moore
Managing Director, State Street Global Markets
Passive Currency Management: Policy Decisions For Optimal Implementation
Investors were once content to focus solely on the attributes of global sectors, stocks or bonds in the belief that fluctuations between the value of their home currencies and the currencies in which these investments we...
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