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William Kinlaw
Senior Managing Director, Head of the Portfolio and Risk Management Research
New Measures of Systemic Risk
Systemic risk has emerged as a critical challenge for asset owners and managers around the world. But what exactly is systemic risk? Can it be measured? Can financial professionals deploy an early warning system to ident...

William Kinlaw
Senior Managing Director, Head of the Portfolio and Risk Management Research
Turbulence, Systemic Risk, and Dynamic Portfolio Construction
Will Kinlaw, managing director and head of the Portfolio and Risk Management group for State Street Associates, was a presenter at the 16th annual Global Investment Conference, held in Banff, Alberta, Canada.  Below is a...

Securities Lending in Asia: Time to Look Forward
Securities lending has become a much-discussed topic not just among those working inside it, but across the financial industry.  While not all of the discussions generated positive headlines, given the turmoil experience...

Block Trades in High-Frequency Trading Markets
Institutional investors buying and selling equities in large blocks often find it challenging to efficiently trade in markets dominated by electronic trading, particularly high-frequency trading (HFT). Success depends on...

John Arabadjis
Vice President, State Street Associates
Break-Even Exchange Rates and Risk Appetite
John Arabadjis is a vice president and the head of indicator research for the Investor Behavior Research team at State Street Associates (SSA). His responsibilities include work on foreign exchange (FX), equities and por...

Jessica Donohue
Chief Innovation Officer
State Street Global Markets and PriceStats Form Partnership
Omnipresent across world markets these days is the specter or influence of inflation.  An equally common challenge, however is the ability for investors to access inflation data in a timely and accurate way. Individual c...

Rod Ringrow
Senior Executive Officer
What's Next for Sovereign Wealth Funds
In global capital markets, sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) stand out for the depth of their asset pools and for their growth potential. In 2009, SWFs collectively represented $3.8 trillion in assets under management. By 20...

Michael Metcalfe
Senior Managing Director
The Macro Outlook for 2011
As a follow up to his recent presentations at the State Street Global Markets annual research conferences in New York and London, Michael Metcalfe, senior managing director and head of Global Macro Strategy for Global Ma...

David Turkington
Managing Director, Portfolio and Risk Management
Topics in Active FX: Turbulence, Regime Switching and Style Timing
David Turkington is a vice president in the Portfolio and Risk Management group at State Street Associates. He is involved in new research and customized client analysis on a range of topics including asset allocation, o...

Michael Metcalfe
Senior Managing Director
Regime Map Points to Persistent Investor Pessimism
Michael Metcalfe, a senior managing director at State Street Global Markets, discusses SSGM’s Regime Map in the December 2010 issue of Investment & Pensions Europe. Findings show that Riot Point has become the default se...
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