State Street Global Markets

Alternative Investments


As a manager of assets, you are more than likely getting more clients and doing more trading than ever before. State Street Global Markets offers a full range of comprehensive trading solutions to meet your needs — from fixed income to foreign exchange to platforms for high-speed trading.

Resources and expertise to meet all your alternative investment needs

Whether you are an institutional investor, hedge fund manager, private equity fund manager or real estate fund manager, you can look to us for deep, product-specific expertise and flexible, innovative solutions for alternative investments. We can provide you with alternative investment trading execution for equities and a full range of foreign exchange (FX) products including spot and forward transactions (deliverable and non-deliverable) and currency options (standard and exotic). You can also take advantage of our fixed-income capabilities through a client-driven trading desk that makes markets in multicurrency interest rate derivatives, US treasuries and other government securities.

We bring you many types of alternative investment services including FX futures, FI Rates and Equity Derivatives. Our enhanced custody model (ECM) gives you a unique alternative to traditional prime brokerage in the operation of long/short mandates. Based on custody and securities borrowing and lending, ECM helps you reduce costs, enhance returns, and create operational and risk efficiencies.



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