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Securities lending can be a significant source of revenue, particularly when challenging markets put pressure on investment returns. Now more than ever, it’s important to work with a proven lending agent that understands your business. One focused on the safety of your assets and on achieving optimal risk-adjusted returns. And one flexible enough to create a program to meet your unique and changing requirements.

Flexible, customized securities lending solutions to meet your changing needs

As one of the world’s most experienced lending agents providing both custodial and third-party lending, State Street offers the individualized service, client-facing technology and commitment to transparency you’re looking for. Whatever the market conditions, our dedicated team can work with you to optimize opportunities without compromising our conservative approach to risk or your need for flexibility. You receive:

> Distribution of loan opportunities through one of the largest and most valued supply channels

> A multidimensional approach to risk management

> Transparency and accountability

> Performance evaluation tools

> Benchmarked results

Get the most out of your lending program

Your needs are specific and changing every day. By leveraging a consultative approach and our extensive network of local market expertise, we will work with you to develop a customized lending program based on the parameters you specify. This flexibility is underpinned by our investment in people, technology, product development and multiple distribution routes to market, including exclusives and auctions.

Contact Information

Asia Pacific
Francesco Squillacioti
+852 3667 7080

Sakuaki Yasuda
+81 3 4530 7540

Australia/New Zealand
Philip Garrett
+61 2 8249 1181

Don D'Eramo
+44 2- 3395 7357

Maurice Leo
+353 1 776 8414

North America
Doug Brown, CFA
+1 617 664 7665

Securities lending programs and the subsequent reinvestment of the posted collateral are subject to a number of risks, including the risk that the value of the investments held in the Collateral Pool may decline in value and may at any point be worth less than the original cost of that investment.


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