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You can rely on us as a trusted, unconflicted partner for all of your portfolio exposure and transition management needs. We offer a global team of highly experienced managers, leading market research and one of the largest crossing platforms in the industry. Our custody, asset management and transition management businesses bring you a natural liquidity you won’t find anywhere else. It all adds up to the cost-effective solutions you need for optimal portfolio performance.

Transition Management

We’ll work with you from beginning to end to restructure your assets to create a portfolio that meets your current and future needs. Throughout the process we’ll continually manage risk and look for ways to reduce overall costs while providing you with detailed reports before, during and after the transition.

Interim Asset Allocation Overlay

This service delivers a customized solution that immediately aligns you with your intended allocation targets ahead of your portfolio transition — with minimal cost and disruption. Count on us to deliver information on changes to exposure throughout the overlay period along with ongoing monitoring of margin needs and monthly performance reporting.

Cash Equitization

Take advantage of this solution to make the cash in your portfolio work harder for you. We maintain market exposure for your portfolio’s uninvested cash by overlaying the excess cash balances held by managers, along with any plan level cash, to a targeted market exposure. The program keeps your plan more closely aligned with your intended allocations and, in the long run, should capture the premiums over cash historically delivered by the equity market.*

Interim Exposure Management

Whether you’re transitioning assets between managers or need temporary exposure to effect an immediate asset allocation shift in advance of an upcoming transition, our optimized solutions minimize your risk. We’ll maintain a target exposure customized to your risk preferences and balance your desired tracking error to your chosen benchmark with expected transaction costs. You’ll receive ongoing monitoring of margin feeds and monthly performance reporting, all with minimal cost and disruption to your portfolio.

Liquidity Management

This service proactively manages your cash flows to minimize cash drag on your portfolio. Our size and access to one of the largest sources of natural crossing liquidity may significantly reduce your trading costs, such as commissions, spreads and market impact. You’ll receive daily performance reporting and benchmarked results along with transparency and accountability throughout the entire process.

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* Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

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