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State Street Global Markets

Investment Research and Trading

State Street Global Markets, the investment research and trading arm of State Street, provides you with access to specialized research, trading, securities lending and innovative portfolio strategies to help enhance and preserve the value of your portfolio. We do this through proprietary portfolio and risk management technologies, trading optimization and global connectivity across multiple asset classes and markets. Through our integrated global network, we offer diverse liquidity and crossing to facilitate cost-effective solutions that meet your needs. Our asset class expertise spans foreign exchange, equities, fixed income and derivatives.


Our unique approach to research combines the in-depth insights of our own strategists with the cutting-edge expertise of State Street Associates, our unique partnership with academia. Our execution capabilities enable you to implement these opportunities as effectively as possible. Through a comprehensive, bundled set of trading services, we can help you optimize trades, potentially enhance returns and minimize overall transaction costs. Our cost-effective and customized portfolio solutions help you establish and maintain market exposure, address asset target misweights and manage portfolios on an interim basis. They include our long-established, industry-leading transition management offering, which helps minimize the overall cost of transitioning portfolios.


As the first provider to offer an FX platform to asset managers, we give you access to our innovation-led approach in electronic trading. eExchange is our suite of award-winning integrated electronic trading solutions for FX, futures, US treasuries and the subscription and redemption of money market funds and exchange traded funds.

Securities Finance

With approximately $2.7 trillion in lendable assets and a team of 256 dedicated professionals worldwide serving approximately 324 active clients*, State Street is a market leader in securities finance. Providing both custodial and third-party lending, we offer the individualized service, client-facing technology and commitment to transparency you’re looking for and the flexibility you require.

*As of June 30, 2013


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